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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

UMBC Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations

The UMBC Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations

Founded in 1970, the UMBC Alumni Association is the official representative body for more than 71,000 UMBC alumni in Maryland and throughout the world. At UMBC, you’re an “Alum from Day One,” meaning that all UMBC graduates are automatically members of the UMBC Alumni Association for life and for absolutely no membership fee. The goal of the Alumni Association is to serve the interests of alumni through educational, charitable, social, or cultural programs and involve alumni in the advancement and support of UMBC.

The Alumni Association is governed by a 25-member board of directors who work with staff members in the Office of Alumni Relations to keep alumni connected and engaged with one another, current students, faculty and staff, and the university. 

The Alumni Association and Office of Alumni Relations hosts and promotes many different events, programs and initiatives for alumni that include:

Alumni-Supported Scholarships - The Alumni Association strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of deserving students to help them achieve their dream of receiving a degree from UMBC. The UMBC Alumni Association Scholarship is given annually to deserving students. Learn more about supporting the UMBC Alumni Association Scholarship and other alumni-supported scholarships here.

Alumni and Admissions Programs - Each spring, the Office of Admissions hosts prospective students at events in the Mid-Atlantic, New York and New Jersey area. Alumni are invited to attend and mingle with students and their families to share their love and knowledge of UMBC.

Career-Related Programs and Services - There are many ways for alums to support current students in the job exploration process through Career Week or participating as a mentor in the Professional Network. In addition to supporting current students, the Career Services Center (CSC) offers many services to alumni who are exploring job opportunities or may need to brush up on certain skills. To learn more, visit the Career Services Center website at

General Events - Throughout the year, we will host other events, including special speakers on campus, regional events, athletic events, and connect with UMBC alumni in their communities. See our calendar. 

Industry Networking Events and Social Events - Each year, we organize industry-specific networking events in order to give alumni the opportunity to meet other alumni in their industry.

Student Alumni Association (SAA) - A premier student leadership position, SAA is open to all current UMBC students who have an interest in professional development, networking with alumni, creating a vibrant on-campus community, hosting fun social events, and preserving UMBC’s spirit and tradition.

Alum From Day One - We consider every student an “Alum From Day One.” In addition to the many general alumni events throughout the year, alumni are also invited to participate in convocation, celebrate graduation at December and May “Grad’s Day” festivities, and congratulate our newest class of alumni at commencement.