Dec 04, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CMSC 491 - Special Topics in Computer Science (3)

Special topics in computer science. Topics will be published in the Schedule of Classes. This course is repeatable for credit with different topic.

Grading: Graded/Pass Fail/Audit
Course ID: 52975
Consent: No Special Consent Required
Components: Lecture
Prerequisite: CMSC 341  or CMSC 341H  with a grade of ‘C’ or better.

Topics: Top:Obj Orien Prog & Lan, System Implement & Integ, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Scripting Languages, Ooa&D, Java Programming, Computer Security, Computer Animation, Electronic Commerce, Wireless Communications, Digital Signal Process, E-Commerce Technology, Enterprise Syst Security, Mobile Radio Telephony, Computer Science, Intro To Design Patterns, Machine Learning, Cell Processors & Applic, Object-Oriented Program, Graphical User Interface, Internet Tools/Protocols, Graph User Interface Pro, Symbolic/Algebraic Proc, Sql Programming, Symbolic Comput Maple, Introduction To UNIX, Java II, Med Software Engineering, Net Prog Mgmt & Admin, Data Network/Security, Microprocessor Systems, Entr Comp & Web Tech, Information Retrieval, Ontological Semantics, UNIX Sec And Admin Pol, Advanced Natural Lang Pr, Intro Machine Learning, Intro To It Services, Srvc Oriented Computing, Spec Topics In Comp Sci, Obj-Orient Anal & Design, UNIX Networking, VLSI Systems, Advance VLSI Design, Developing Palmtop Sys, Data Mining, UNIX System Admin, Scrty In Dstrbtd & Mble, Adv Natural Lang Proc, Comp Graphics For Games, Special Topics, Network Programming, Semantic Web, Sensor Networks, UNIX Security Admin Poli, Object Oriented Analysis, System Implementation, Program Logic Devices, Database Perform Anal, Oracle-Forms, Oracle - Forms, Data Drvn Info Arch, Design Patterns In Java, Creating Web Services, Electronic Commerce Tech, Data & Network Security, Micro Processor Systems, Database Implementation, Adv In E-Learning Tech, Java Server Technologies, Information Assurance, Real-Time Shading, Top:Graphics Prog Lang, Tcp/Ip, Adv Computer Networks, Java I, Neural Networks, Web & Data Mining, Mobil Computing, Computing & Web Tech, Entrprise Comp & Web Tec, Intro To E-Commerce, System Maintenance, Natural Language Process, Spec Topic In Comp Sci, Intro To Nat Lang Proc, Mobile Computing, Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Artistic Rendering, Robotics, Wearable Computing, Network Info Retrieval, Database Design, Object-Oriented Analysis, Programming In Java, VLSI Manufacturability, Data-Driven Info Process, Topics In Systems Admin, Wireless Communication, Distrib Multimedia Sys, Agent Based Information, Software Quality Engin, Wearable Computing, Malicious Software, Prog Embedded Systems, Serv Oriented Computing, Social Web Technologies, Contingency Planning, Top:Software Eng W/Ada, Graphics Program Lang, Tcp/Ip Programming, Topic: S Q L, Topic:Tcp/Ip Programming, Data Base Design, Hardware Design Language, Digital Image Processing, Intro To Data Mining, Introduction To Robotics, Intro Network Security, Electronic Voting Sys, Data Visualization, Top: Dstrb Database Syst, Client/Server Data Sys, Ooa & D, Visualization, Real-Time Graphics, Neural Network Computing, Project Management, Agent Architectures, Sec In Wireless Dis Sys, Quantum Computation, Web Serv Orien Computing, Mobile Platform Dev: iPhone and iPod, Computer Forensics and Intrusions, Intro to Parallel Computing:, Intro Parallel Comp: Emphas Use of IBM Cell B.E., User Interface Programming, Multi- and Many-core Programming, Game User Interface Programming, Advanced FPGA Design, Intro to Quantum Mechanics for, Computational Photography: In, Probabilistic Models, Data Intensive Computing, Computation, Complexity & Emergence, Advanced Computer Graphics, Computation, Complexity, and Emergence, Privacy and Security in a Mobile Social World, Graphics for Games, Medical Informatics, Clinical Informatics, Malware Analysis, Systems for Smart Home Automation, Cybersecurity Research Seminar, Hadoop Based Distributive Computing, Human Cmptg in Visualization

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