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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog
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ENGL 243 - Currents in American Literature (3)

This course, intended primarily for non‐majors, introduces students to past and present trends in American literature. Emphasis will be on major figures and/or important movements in American literature. Topics will be published in the Schedule of Classes.

Grading: Graded/Pass Fail/Audit
Course ID: 54056
Consent: No Special Consent Required
Components: Lecture
Course Equivalents: ENGL 243H  
Attributes: Arts and Humanities (GEP), Arts and Humanities (GFR)
Topics: Top:The American Novella, The Comic Book, Top In Jewish Amer Lit, 20Th Cent American Novel, Top:Adv In Amer Lit, Science Fiction, American Novels, The Comic Book As Lit, Diverse Voices, Currents:Lit Of Baseball, 20Th C American Novel, Southern Literature, The Transcendentalists, 20Th Century Amer Novel, Intergatng Identity On Stg, Currents:American Heroes, Amer Lit:Cont Amer Poets, Crnts Am Lit:Sthrn Wrtrs, Cur Amer Lit:Transcenden, Comic Book As Literature, Comic Book Literature, On The Road In Amer Lit, American Lit On The Road, Growing Up In America, Top:2Oth C Amer Novel, Currents In American Lit, Thermonuc War Film/Fict, The Short Novel, Native American Lit, Versions Of Amer Dream, The American Novella, Images Of Otherness, Writers Look At War, Writers At War, Amer Lit Of Vietnam War, Heritage/Expansion/Explo, Ecology & American Lit, America On The Road, Native Amer Lit/Culture, Native Amer Literature, Currents In Amer Lit, Literature Of War, Immigrant and Ethnic Fiction i, Classic Sports Books of the 20, Reconstructing American Identity, American Dreams and Nightmares, Time Travel Literature, The Outsider in Literature and Film, Film,Literature and Exclusion, Apocalypse and Zombie Literature, Currents in American Literature, Modern American Crime Narratives, The Harlem Renaissance, American Road Trip, Contemporary American Poetry, Reimagining the American Family

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