Oct 01, 2022  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog
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IS 352 - Women, Gender, and Information Technology (3)

This course examines critical issues concerning women, gender, and information technology. It considers women's critical contributions to technology, from the 19th century Analytical Engine to contemporary cybersecurity industry; how women and girls fare in IT educational and professional settings; and how these issues intersect with multiple dimensions including nationality, race, class, and age. Students connect these issues to their personal experiences, academic plans, and career choices.

Grading: Graded/Pass Fail
Course ID: 050049
Consent: No Special Consent Required
Components: Lecture
Course Equivalents: CMSC 352H  , GWST 352H  
Attributes: Social Sciences (GEP), Social Sciences (GFR)
Also Listed As: CMSC 352 , GWST 352  
Prerequisite: One CMSC, GWST, or IS course with a grade of 'C' or better.

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