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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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LINDA DUSMAN, Chair, Graduate Program Director, Music Entrepreneurship
LISA CELLA, Graduate Program Director, American Contemporary Music

Degrees Offered

P.B.C. (Degree Types )


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Program Description

American Contemporary Music

This program is designed for four types of students:

  1. International music students looking to enter a US graduate school in music, but who don’t yet have the required TOEFL skills for entrance (the UMBC certificate program offers music courses to students with TOEFL skills under 500, in addition to English and TOEFL courses to prepare students for qualifying for graduate school in the US).

  2. International music students looking for a one-year experience in the US studying music and English.

  3. American students (and other students whose native language is English) looking to strengthen their skills before applying to graduate music programs.

  4. American students (and other students whose native language is English) who wish to focus their music study on American contemporary music.        

UMBC faculty are all recognized experts in the creation and performance of contemporary music. Collectively they have premiered and recorded over a thousand new works in the past 30 years. Students have full access to the Recital Hall, which houses a beautiful 9-foot Steinway, and to the state-of-the-art recording facilities on campus. The program is open to both American and international students (who also take English language classes), enabling rich cultural exchange and collaboration among participants.

Student performers are paired with faculty who are experts in the performance of contemporary music, and develop repertoire through weekly private lessons, informal and formal recitals and ensemble performances.

Music technology students work closely with faculty in a variety of recording, video and sound design projects with high-end equipment and software. Student composers collaborate with student and faculty ensembles for readings and performances of their work along with private lessons in composition. Students applying for graduate school are mentored and assisted by faculty. Credits earned at UMBC often transfer to other institutions.

Music Entrepreneurship

The UMBC post-baccalaureate Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship will empower musicians to enhance their career opportunities by learning business and entrepreneurial skills, and through practical experiences in entrepreneurial and educational ventures. Students will receive intensive classes in innovative music education methods and musical advocacy through collaborations between UMBC’s Department of Music and the Baltimore Symphony’s innovative programs. The curriculum will provide skills necessary to establish and build music education programs, music ensembles, and community arts organizations, through management and organizational leadership seminars. The year of study will culminate for each student with a project derived from practical internship experiences.

Program Admission Requirements

American Contemporary Music

U.S and U.S. Resident Students

International Students

Music Entrepreneurship

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    Post-Baccalaureate Certificate



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