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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Secondary Education Certification, B.A.

The English Department offers a program for English majors who wish to become certified to teach English at the secondary level. This program has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. In completing the specific requirements of this program, students also must complete the normal requirements of the English major Literature Track described above. In addition, students must be admitted to and complete UMBC’s Secondary Teacher Education Program. Upon successful completion of course work and student teaching, students are recommended for teacher certification in the State of Maryland. The English Secondary Education Program consists of 39 credits distributed as follows:

English Common Core Courses (6 credits)

Literature Track Requirements (15 credits)

  • ENGL 302 - Literary Methodologies and Research  (Recommended Preparation: ENGL 301 )
  • One 300- or 400-level course from two of the three historical periods of British Literature (A, B, C)
  • One 300- or 400-level course from each of the two historical periods of American Literature. These courses need not be taken in chronological order, and they may be taken concurrently with any other major courses:
    1. Medieval and Early Modern
    2. Restoration to Romantic
    3. Victorian and Modern
    4. American Literature to the Civil War
    5. American Literature from the Civil War to the Present

Electives (12 credits)

These electives must be English courses at the 300 or 400 level, although students may, with their advisor’s permission, include one 200-level course as part of this requirement.

One Minority or Women’s Literature Course (3 credits)

Select one from the following:


may also be counted toward the diversity requirement of the English major

One World Literature or Non-Western Literature Course (3 credits)

Select one from the following:

Adolescent Literature (3 credits)

Select one from the following:

Shakespeare (3 credits)

Select one from the following:

Required 400-level Courses (6 credits)

Select one course: 3 Credits


ENGL 486  may also be counted toward the seminar requirement of the English major


For a description of the 39 required credits in teacher education courses, see the Secondary Education Program  of the UMBC Department of Education. Students intending to seek elementary or secondary certification should consult with the Education Department as early as possible in their careers for a complete description of the requirements of the certification program and the procedures for admittance into the program.