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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Economics, B.S.

61-64 total credits are required for the Financial Economics B.S. Major

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in each course to fulfill major requirements.  Students must take a minimum of 21 credits from UMBC (not transferred) ECON courses.


Upper-Level Economics Electives: 9 credits

Students must complete nine additional credits in ECON 314 or higher. Students may use any upper-level ECON courses listed in the general core or the financial economics core as upper-level ECON electives, provided the courses are not used to meet the requirements of the respective core.

Any two of the following may be substituted for two upper-level economics electives:


No course in which the student has earned a grade lower than “C”; shall fulfill the major requirements.

The B.S. in Financial Economics requires many courses that have a series of prerequisites. Students who wish to complete the degree in four years of full-time study should plan their schedule accordingly. It is suggested that students complete ECON 101 , ECON 102 , ECON 121  and ECON 122  in their first year. Students should complete the Calculus requirement by the end of their first year, if possible.

In the second year, students should include ECON 311 , ECON 312  and ECON 374  in their schedules. Having taken these courses by the end of the second year will allow students to complete the degree and general university requirements in four years with minimal scheduling difficulties.

Students transferring from a two-year college to UMBC should complete the equivalent of ECON 101 , ECON 102 , ECON 121  and ECON 122  before transferring. In addition, other required introductory courses, such as calculus and the computer course could be taken before transferring. Students should plan to have most, if not all, of the general university requirements met before transferring. Once they have transferred, students should include ECON 311 , ECON 312  and ECON 374  in their schedules as soon as possible.

Emphasis within the Financial Economics Major

Students may choose to emphasize public-sector finance, international finance or private-sector finance within the financial economics major. The following are suggested course options for areas of emphasis:

Public-sector Finance Elective courses included in the general core or financial economics core (if not used in the core):