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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Engineering, B.S.

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Offered by Computer Science and Electrical Engineering .

The B.S. in Computer Engineering at UMBC is accredited by ABET, Inc.

Computer Engineering graduates from UMBC will be successful practitioners of the art and science of engineering in computer-related fields, using the problem-solving skills, technical experise, teamwork experience, and knowledge of professional practices obtained at UMBC to contribute to the success of their organizations and advance their careers.  To sucessfully adapt to the rapid changes in computer technology, UMBC Computer Engineers will be ngaged in life-long learning, including, where appropriate, graduate school training in professional and technical skills at the Masters and PhD levels.

The Computer Engineering degree offers three tracks:  Computer Engineering, Electronic Systems Track, B.S.  , Computer Engineering, Communications Track, B.S.  , and Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity Track, B.S.    Once admitted to the Computer Engineering program, students should declare both their major and intended track by submitting a Declaration of Major form to the Registrars Office with their intended track indicated.  Multiple tracks may also be selected.  Any changes to track selection requires form resubmission, and can be changed at any time.  Graduation requires completing the requirements for tracks selected.  

A grade of “C” or better is necessary for any course to be applied to the computer engineering major. Transfer students majoring in computer engineering must complete at least 18 credits in CMSC, CMPE and/or ENEE courses at UMBC. In addition, each student who wishes to earn a B.S. in Computer Engineering must meet the  Gateway Requirements.

Admissions Requirements

Computer Engineering

Students admitted to UMBC who, by virtue of their math placement exams are eligible for MATH 150 Pre-Calculus or higher, who intend to pursue Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Information Technology are initially admitted to the Pre-Computer Engineering program.  Full admission to Computer Engineering is granted upon completion of the Gateway Requirements and upon review of previous transcripts (if applicable).  Students should review the academic requirements and policies of the university and the college, including gateway requirements and repeat policies. For additional information incoming freshmen should visit:
Transfer students should visit

Gateway Requirements

Students are admitted to the computer engineering program only when they pass all five of the following Gateway courses: CMPE 212 , CMSC 201 , MATH 151 , PHYS 121  with a grade of ‘B’ or better and ENES 101  with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Enrolling in a gateway course at UMBC or a Computer Engineering Department equivalent course at another institution is considered to be an attempt in accordance with the university repeat policy:

A grade of ‘C’ or better in the following course:


Students must pass the gateway before taking CMSC 341 , CMPE 310 , and CMPE 314 .

Required Engineering Course

List A: CMPE and CMSC Electives

List A consists of any CMPE 300-level or 400-level course, except CMPE 499, not otherwise required for CMPE program or the relevant track; and selected CMSC courses listed below.  The list A electives are subject to change. Other 400-level CMPE courses may be substituted with the permission of the CMPE Undergraduate Program Director. Students must check the current list at the time of registration.

List B: CMSC Electives

List B consists of the following CMSC courses, plus a single ENME course.  The list B electives are subject to change. Other 400-level CMSC courses may be substituted with the permission of the CMPE Undergraduate Program Director. Students must check the current list at the time of registration.


Special topics courses offered in Computer Engineering (CMPE 491  ) and Computer Science (CMSC 491  ) are assisgned to List A, List B, or List C on a semster by semester basis.  The Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department website at maintains an up to date list of the designations for special topics courses.

Laptop Requirement

The UMBC Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering requires all incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students to have
a laptop computer.

A link to the computer engineering program’s technology requirements shall be available on the following website:

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