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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Practical Policy and Politics Minor

Offered by Political Science .

The Practical Policy and Politics Minor immerses students in study of the theory and practice of American democracy. It aims to enhance students’ capacities as citizens and to prepare them for potential careers in politics, public policy, or public administration and management. Through coursework and opportunities to earn academic credit for an internship, the minor equips students with knowledge about the principles, institutions, processes, and policies of American government and offers chances to develop various professional skills. Students may focus their courses on one particular career field, or may sample from the minor’s wide variety of courses on political communications, behavior, strategy and thought; legislative, executive, judicial and electoral politics; and public policy and administration.

Basic requirements:
•    18 total credits required
•    No more than 1 lower-level class
•    At least 1 400-level class
•    Experiential learning is required (see below). Any academic credits awarded in relation to that experience do count toward the 18 credits.

Students pursuing the Political Science, B.A.  may count no more than 3 courses from the major toward this minor


Lower-Level Course: No More Than One (3 credits)

Students may count no more than ONE lower-level class (3 credits) toward the minor.  Select course from the following list

Required: Experiential Learning Course(s) (3 -4 credits)

Experiential learning courses are defined as ones that solely or primarily involve students in off-campus internships or service learning, off campus role-playing simulation conferences (e.g., Maryland Student Legislature, MUN), or in performing research/projects for clients.

The experiential learning requirement can be fulfilled with:


Internships and service-learning experiences associated with other transcript notations (e.g., POLI 438, POLI 401, the Career’s Center internship PRAC, the Shriver Center’s internship PRAC, and other departments’ internships) can also satisfy the requirement, but must be approved by the minor advisor to ensure they are topically relevant.


No grade lower than a “C” in any course may count toward any minor.


Total: 18 Credits